Desk-based review support is a technical assistance service provided for the platform member companies, free of charge. The main objective is to identify the priority areas of circular economy, with a specific focus on the primary material exchange opportunities (synergies). It will mainly be based on company’s processes, inputs-outputs and the value chain that the company takes part in. By the help of the company reviews, it is also aimed to generate a basic framework/guide generalized for the relevant sectors. Priority sectors will be food, plastics, electrical-electronic equipment and construction materials.

Reviews will be conducted by sector experts which will be suggested by the company or identified by BCSD Turkey Project Team. It is aimed to support 10 companies in total from 5 different sectors/sub-sectors (two from each sector). Review studies of the two companies for each sector will be conducted by one expert or one team consisting of two experts.

Three deliverables will be expected from each expert/team:

  1. Two company reports each covering
  • Primary synergies: Materials (wastes, by-products, alternative raw materials, etc.) that the company can use and/or supply to be used by other companies
  • Other circular economy opportunities: Priority and high potential opportunities such as product life extension, re-use, re-manufacturing, re/up-cycling, etc., based on the most significant wastes and losses across the whole value chain of the relevant products.
  1. One basic sectoral (sub-sectoral) guide, derived from company reviews, covering a value chain assessment and the main circular economy opportunities with a specific focus on the primary material exchange opportunities (synergies).

Company reports are expected to assist the companies in creating a circularity roadmap and speed up the transactions and collaborative activities triggered by the platform. In addition, the companies will be able to apply to the Circular Voucher support for detailed technical and feasibility analysis of certain priorities and project ideas having been identified through the desk-based reviews. Sector guides on the other hand, will help BCSD Turkey Project Team to develop new synergies and collaborative activities and provide more detailed sector specific services.

Application and Evaluation Processes for Companies

Companies will apply by filling in a simple application form that includes basic information about the company, its inputs-outputs and expectations from the study. Companies will be able to suggest experts to work with. But it will be possible for BCSD Turkey Project Team to select another expert. Applications will be reviewed by BCSD Turkey Project Team taking into account certain criteria such as:

  • Sector of the company (priority sectors listed above will be favoured)
  • Information provided by the companies and their expectations
  • If the company respresents the general structure of the sector


After the selection process is completed, the framework and timeline of the review studies will be identified for each company and expert/team. The study is expected to be completed in one-month time. During the review studies, companies are expected to provide experts with the necessary information about their processes, inputs-outputs and the value chains they take part in. In principle, experts will conduct the studies as a desk-based review. However, if deemed necessary, they may perform short visits to the companies.

Draft reports prepared by the experts will be reviewed by BCSD Turkey Project Team and the companies, and will be finalized based on the comments. It is expected that each sectoral study (two company reviews and one sector/sub-sector guide) will take 6 days and 18.000 TL + VAT will be paid for each.