Is there a fee for becoming a member of Turkey Materials Marketplace (TMM) Platform?

No, the membership is free of charge within the duration of the funding provided by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). No fee will be charged without the approval of current members.

Does the information I enter to TMM Platform remain confidential?

The companies that want to be involved in the project first sign the Participation Agreement. In accordance with this Agreement, the parties maintain the confidentiality of all information (shared via surveys and e-mails) identified or written as confidential by the participants ("Participant Confidential Information") and will not disclose the Participant Confidential Information to third parties or use it without the prior written consent of the participant. You can view the Participation Agreement here.

Why should I change my current materials management system? Does the TMM Platform provide economic savings?

The aim of the project is to ensure that either waste or underutilized materials serve as input in another production process and thus gain economic value. If you are a buyer in the Platform, you can achieve significant economic benefits by purchasing industrial by-products, wastes within the scope of your license or alternative raw materials at moderate prices. Similarly if you are selling your by-products and production outputs, you can charge a higher fee than you usually set for the traditional recycling or disposal, since they will be used by another member and thus will become an upcycled product. Thereby, you can also avoid waste disposal / storage costs.

You can maintain your current service providers and buyers while adding the same materials to the TMM Platform to be open to possible opportunities. The Platform introduces your materials to developing technologies, new solutions or new firms that may generate more added value.

How are my materials processed through the Platform?

All material transactions are made in compliance with Turkish applicable legislation. You can sell your waste flows to licensed recycling companies that are members of the TMM Platform. You can also specify the 'by-products', 'alternative raw materials' or the materials recovered at your own facility and provide relevant standards and documentation. By encouraging the usage of your materials as another company’s production process inputs, you can gain environmental and economic benefits.

Does TMM Project comply with the current regulations?

Yes, the Project complies with all the relevant Turkish regulation concerning waste, by-products and alternative raw materials. The letter of support received from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU) is provided here, and the relevant section can be reviewed below:

“It is evaluated as useful that the Turkey Materials Marketplace Project (TMM) would initially be developed for the non-hazardous wastes and the wastes utilized as alternative raw materials and by-products and that the preliminary study concerning the determination and transition of the End-of-Waste criteria to the regulation would be carried out within the scope of Near Zero Waste Programme.”
Additionally, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and the MoEU state their support to the Project by promoting it through their websites.
As part of the TMM project, the EBRD is collaborating with the MoEU to harmonise the Turkish waste management regulatory framework with that of the European Union, with particular focus on operationalising the end-of-waste criteria. This collaboration aims to identify the end-of-waste opportunities in the Turkish market and provide a road map for regulatory improvement, which will subsequently support establishing a secondary materials market in Turkey.

Do the materials I upload to the platform have to be stored and available for delivery to the buyer upon request? Can I also upload materials that are disposed of in short periods like daily or weekly?

Yes, you can upload all available materials by indicating an average amount. While your routine disposing process continues, the information you enter can still stay on the Platform for interest from a potential alternative buyer. Once this is the case, you can finalize the transaction with up-to-date quantity and supply time.

Can I unsubscribe from TMM Platform membership?

Yes, you can close your account and unsubscribe from membership at any time.

Is there any minimum/maximum amount of required interaction for Platform members?

No, there isn’t. After you become a Platform member, you can buy and sell any amount of materials. Nonetheless, an active participation to the material exchanges is strongly recommended to ensure the success of the project. Multiple free tools are available to the TMM member companies to identify, advertise and trade their materials and TMM members should try their best to implement at least one material transaction per year.

Can I also sell hazardous waste through the Platform?

Yes, you can buy and sell any materials through the Platform, as long as you fulfil the requirements of the relevant regulation.

What is the scope of technical consultancy provided to the TMM members?

Our Project Consultant provides technical consultancy to Platform members. In this context, we review the innovative best practices in materials management from around the world and Turkey, explore the potential usage of your materials across different sectors and identify potential synergy opportunities among the Platform members. Feel free to inquire about the material flows that you don’t know how to dispose or transform into a value-added product. We will be happy to work with you on the best practices and latest research available.

In addition, companies can apply to the Circular Vouchers Scheme launched by EBRD to provide technical support to the members of the TMM in developing circular economy projects. Click here for more information and application.

Are we ableto receive financial support from the EBRD when there is an investment need regarding the synergy opportunities?

The EBRD supports companies in their circular economy investments. Through the Circular Vouchers, the companies will be able to assess the technical and economic feasibility of circular economy projects and identify potential investments needed to implement them. The EBRD will dialogue with the companies and discuss their financing needs, and potential opportunities for EBRD financial support will be identified and screened for the interested companies.