What is CIRCO DEMO ?

The DEMO is a short, 1-2 hours, interactive Workshop as an introduction to the Circo methodology.

Interested in “ Circular Business Model Design” and you want to think bigger? You can join to the CIRCO Class (1 day) or the CIRCO Track (3 days).

About the Program

Circular economy is an interesting though still rather abstract concept. The DEMO demonstrates the CIRCO design process in a pressure cooker format, making circular business concrete and providing a circular dimension to your innovation process. You will:

• Get acquainted with a circular way of working and experience how to;

o Identify circular business opportunities

o Apply circular business models

o Use circular design strategies

• Learn about circular cases and the CIRCO cumulative experience

• Meet other companies and stakeholder starting their circular journey

• Get curious and inspired

For whom?

Corporate companies (sales, marketing, business development and design) and creative professionals who are working in different sectors.

Why join?

In the CIRCO Pressure Cooker Workshop you get an introduction in a short time with the design challenges and business opportunities of the circular economy. You will experience how you can make concrete first steps in the development of circular products, services and business models.