Applications for The Circular Vouchers 2.0 with a total budget of EUR 200,000 open!

With an expansion in scope of the on-going Circular Vouchers scheme, The Circular Vouchers 2.0 aims to provide technical assistance TMM member companies. This will enable to provide technical assistance for an expanded scope of work and access international technical expertise.

In addition to the already available assessment of the techno-economic feasibility of circular economy projects;

  1. Assessment of the creditworthiness of circular projects and circular companies
  2. Coaching of local companies by international companies which are advanced in their circular practices,
  3. Capacity building within the companies and training of the technical staff on operationalizing circular economy
  4. Incorporating circularity into companies’ corporate strategy/governance

85% of the total project budget will be supported by The Circular Vouchers. At least 15% contribution on the cost of consultancy services will be sought from the companies.

The Circular Vouchers 2.0 are funded by the Netherlands Trust Fund.

Who can apply?

  • Available to TMM members only.
  • One voucher per participating company

Previous Vouchers

In 2018, to support the TMM members companies in identifying potential materials to trade and assess the feasibility of implementing materials transactions, the EBRD ran three calls for “Circular Vouchers” up to EUR 25,000 to be used for consultancy services in the area of materials efficiency. The consultants for Circular Vouchers were selected from a longlist of local experts.

With The Circular Vouchers 2.0, companies will be provided with technical support with an average total budget of € 75,000, and 15% contribution of the budget is expected to be covered by the companies.

Companies that want to apply for The Circular Vouchers 2.0 are expected to become members of the Turkey Circular Economy Platform and participate in the "Member Circularity Management Evaluation" survey. In line with the priorities determined as a result of the survey, it is aimed to create The Circular Vouchers 2.0 application contents.

The application will be closed on 8 April 2022!

For the Member Circularity Governance Assesment questionnaire and application form please contact