EBRD Delegation Trip Taiwan - Promoting Circular Solutions

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) organised a visit for a selection of its clients from Egypt, Jordan and Turkey to Taipei City on September 24th to 27th 2019. This was part of efforts to promote best practices in circular economy among stakeholders of the economies where the EBRD is actively working. BCSD Turkey Executive Director Konca Çalkıvik was one of the delegates, who attended this technical trip. The trip was supported by the TaiwanBusiness – EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund and presented by Institute for Information Industry to promote circular economy solutions.

The trip allowed the opportunity for a number of exciting technical visits. As part of the program, the delegation team visited the local leading companies in developing circular economy – Spring Pool Glass, ECOVE, Yuen Foong Yu, Kintech Technolgy, Enrestec. The team had opportunity to closely observe the operational processes of these companies, their innovative business models, green technologies, products and solutions during the technical site visits.

In addition to the technical site visits, the trip involved various meetings including with government agencies, institutions, enterprises and also the delegates from Business Council for Sustainable Development of Taiwan.

During these meetings, representatives from leading companies and government officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Industrial Development Bureau and the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), shared their knowledge and insights on various topics, such as recycling of electronic waste, raw materials, bioenergy and technology. The trip also involved a visit to 2019 Circular Economy Taiwan Tradeshow which described as the most comprehensive international gathering focusing on green economy, environmental protection and circular economy in Taiwan.

This well-organized trip has offered delegations in-depth knowledge exchanges and created opportunities for international links to assist circular economy transition with the site visits, the strategy sharing opportunities and one-on-one meetings in place.