Turkey Circular Economy Platform, which offers material exchange opportunities to its member companies through Turkey Materials Marketplace (TMM), continues to support companies in their circular transition by establishing inspiring collaborations.

Recently, a collaboration was established between Anako and Arkim under the "recovery model" of circular economy. Through the transaction, the eggshells of Anako were utilized by Arkim as a new generation food supplement. Therefore, the added value of the eggshells was enhanced thus the waste/by-product material was upcycled.

By using eggshells, which contain high amounts of calcium, Arkim produces a variety of products that can be used in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food etc. Through this transaction, the calcium content of Anako’s production process output is valorized by Arkim as a calcium supplement.

In addition to their previous collaboration on TMM, Anako and Arkim are carrying out yet another successful transaction.

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Established in 2006, Anako has produced pasteurized liquid eggs since 2010. Anako is utilizing advanced technology in producing pasteurized liquid eggs considering the importance of food security, hygiene, health, efficiency and ease of use, offering best use for industrial kitchens and by industrial-scale egg users.


Arkim Chemical Substances established in 2011 by receiving financial support of The Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology to promote “Natural Antibacterial from Eggshell Extract Project”. Within the scope of the project, they developed a new range of food preservatives solution called “ArCa Natural Antibacterial” by using eggshell powder as a substitution for the currently used chemicals such as potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and natamycin. Arkim is the first company in the world that produces patented 100 % natural food preservatives.