Turkey Circular Economy Platform’s digital tool to support materials transactions of the members' companies, two member companies of Turkey Materials Marketplace establish a succesfull collaboration.

This collaboration draws attention by providing sand recovery, which is one of the most used natural resources today.

ESAN, which subjected the ore extracted from the clay quarries to the water-washing process in their clay enrichment plant in Bozüyük, separates the main product of clay from the sand through this application. Besides the clay, ESAN also studied on the utilization possibilities of the remaining sand tailings. As a result of these studies run in line with its sustainability approach, ESAN have collaborated with Çimsa over the TMM platform in order to utilize the sand, that was normally stored in the facility, in accordance with its composition.

With this collaboration, which has been established for the efficient use of the sand tailings by taking into account the appropriate location and economic opportunities through the platform, ESAN's above-mentioned material started to be used in Çimsa's Eskişehir facility.

Through this collaboration that started with 3000 tons as of February 2021, ESAN's inert sand tailings will continue to be creating value as alternative raw material in Çimsa's cement production.

Utilization of ESAN’s sand material, which was previously stored in their own facilities, in the cement production of Çimsa not only reduces the cost of a significant amount of primary materials, but also provides significant economic and environmental benefits by ensuring efficient use of the resources.

The annual consumption of sand in today's world is around 50 million tons and the efficient use of this material is becoming increasingly critical. This clearly emphasizes the need for such collaborations for this material which is an essential input for cement, concrete and glass.


Esan, established in 1978 to produce high quality raw materials for the ceramics sector, became one of Turkey’s foremost industrial mineral and metallic mine producers and exporters since its establishment.

With their sustainable mining understanding, Esan, produces notably feldspar, quartz, clay, bentonite and kaolin which are source of many of modern life’s irreplaceable products from glass to technology, and is among Europe's leading industrial raw material suppliers and currently exports to almost 50 countries.