Nurol Construction and Gölpazarı Municipality collaborated through the Turkish Circular Economy Platform (TCEP) to utilize waste materials and to support eco-tourism activities.

With this cooperation realized through the platform, the different types of excess and waste bricks from the Nurol Construction projects were donated to be used in the Eco-village Learning Center and Exhibition Area Project in Kurşunlu Village of Gölpazarı Municipality.

Within the Circular Economy Platform, Nurol Construction benefited from the “Desk-based Review” technical support designed to identify the circular economy potentials and to realize the opportunity areas of the member companies. In the context of this study, Nurol Construction’s material exchange opportunities for the materials (waste, secondary raw material, by-product, alternative raw material, out of spec product, etc.) and possible synergies opportunities were assessed.

As one of the opportunities identified through this study, 9 tons of various types of excess bricks from the construction activities of Nurol Construction were transferred to Gölpazarı Municipality to be used in the “Kurşunlu Village Learning Center and Exhibition Area” project. The operation was carried out with the help of Kurşunlu Village representative and Kurşunlu Eco-village founder/leader Bedriye Berber Engin.

With this cooperation, approximately 10 different types of bricks such as blend brick, wedge brick, barbecue brick, and pressed brick situated in Nurol Construction’s Central Machinery Supply and Warehouse Facility in Ankara will be used in the construction of the learning center and the exhibition area building of the project.

In line with the main principle of circular economy, retaining the highest value of the products, parts and materials by preserving its current function as much as possible, this cooperation between Nurol Construction and Gölpazarı Municipality made the waste materials are returned back to the economy in the most efficient way possible, thus preventing resource consumption and waste generation.

Kurşunlu Village Learning Center and Exhibition Area Project

The Learning Center and Exhibition Area project, planned to be realized within the scope of eco-tourism studies in the Kurşunlu village of Bilecik Gölpazarı district, aims to contribute to the visualization of village life by organizing workshops for the visitors of Eco-village on topics such as Corn Cob Straw Knitting, Adobe Production, and Ecological Agriculture. The project is supported by Gölpazarı Municipality, Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Tourism, Kurşunlu Village Headmanship and EASA Turkey (European Architecture Student Assembly).

Nurol Construction ve Trading Co. Inc.

Nurol Construction and Trading Co. Inc., the first and leading company of the Nurol Group of Companies, was established as an international general contracting company in 1966 and has made a name for itself with many large-scale and high-tech international projects. Today, as one of the leading construction companies in Turkey, it has undertaken many major infrastructure projects such as the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, and dams at different points in Turkey and in other countries. Furthermore, they have carried out many superstructure projects such as the construction of industrial facilities, hotels, shopping centers and residences.

Nurol Construction has been on the "ENR World's Largest Contractors List" for the last sixteen years. Nurol Construction's central and project-based activities are documented in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Nurol Construction also signed the "United Nations Global Compact" in 2017 and has included 10 fundamental articles within the scope of the contract in its sustainability studies and has been presenting its work in this regard to the public for three years through Sustainability Reports. Nurol Construction has accelerated its Circular Economy works together with the Business Council for Sustainable Development as of 2019, and further aims to improve its activities in this field with the Preliminary Evaluation Project.