2nd Network Meeting - A Short Overview

The 2nd Network Meeting took place in Bosphorus University Alumni Association (BÜMED), on December 7, 2017. The aim of the meeting was to inform participants about the first year progress and the current situation of the Turkey Materials Marketplace Platform.

The meeting started with welcoming speeches from Canan Ercan Çelik, BCSD Turkey, Head of Board and Astrid Motta, Principal, EBRD Energy Efficiency and Climate Change.

Motta, underlined the fact that EBRD embraces an approach that takes into consideration the environmental and social impacts of the countries it operates in. To that end she provided information on Near Zero Waste – NØW Programme, which aims at reducing waste in different sectors. Motta, also mentioned that the first 2 years of the TMM was funded by the EBRD through NØW Programme due to the fact that the two projects have completely parallel objectives. Motta ended her speech by emphasizing that EBRD was ready to support the synergy opportunities generated through the platform, where applicable.

Following Motta, Münevver Bayhan, SKD Turkey, Manager gave detailed information about the targets of the TMM Programme, its first year developments, the support letter from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization along with some details on the internal organization and the technical aspects of becoming a platform member.

Andrew Mangan, US BCSD, Secretary General, mentioned that the platform works as a network for many companies in accessing reusable materials and utilizing them through synergy opportunities. Mangan stressed that the 3 major difficulties in the project were as follows; (1) participation to the platform, (2) uncertainty about the generated value, (3) existing engagements that create challenges in uploading materials to the system. He provided examples on how these were resolved in various cases in the US.

Following Mangan, Ferda Ulutaş İşevi, TMM Technical Consultant, took the floor and gave detailed information on how the platform was supported by technical know-how in the first year and the potential synergy opportunities determined among the existing platform members.

After participants from P&G and Elif Holding presented their project roadmaps, and the parallel sessions took place with the experts. Oğuzhan Akınç, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Expert, explained the details of legislation.