“Defining Circularity of Textile Industry in Turkey “ report has been published by the cooperation between the Netherlands Embassy in Ankara and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Turkey is a major textile & clothing player as well as a significant supplier for the Dutch market and has enormous advantages in establishing circular textile loops in the sector. In this context, the report aims to raise awareness of local suppliers’ knowledge around circular economy and develop the potential cooperation between Turkey and the Netherlands.

The report includes the field research that purposed to specify the circularity of the textile industry in Turkey, the macro-economic research, best practices and academic insights for textile. Through the report, detailed research about the use of safe and clean materials, the implementation of circular business models, the establishment of collaborative networks, the support of sustainable fiber production and eco-friendly products can be reached.

You can access the shortest version of the report which is published in RVO from here.

(For reaching the longer and more informative version of the report, please contact ceren.erten@minbuza.nl)