Materials Marketplace Team is Growing !

TMM, a circular economy project, established by BCSD Turkey in collaboration with EBRD in April 2016 to facilitate cross-industry materials reuse among Turkish companies, continues to grow with its 60 members.

Within the scope of TMM Project, possibilities of using waste, formed by member companies, as alternative raw materials in different industries are being investigated and technical consultancy and networking services are being provided by BCSD Turkey, free of charge.

The TMM Project is currently carried out by BCSD Turkey Executive Director Konca Çalkıvik, BCSD Turkey Manager Münevver Işıl Demir Bayhan, BCSD Turkey Specialist Simla Akbulut and BCSD Turkey External Relations Officer Mert Güller.

The momentum gained with Ferda Ulutaş İşevi’s inclusion to the team as technical consultant is expected to continue with Environmental Engineer Melis Cengizhan’s participation to the TMM team in October.

Our new TMM Project Specialist, Melis Cengizhan, is now working on developing the TMM member relations and carrying out studies for utilizing the waste generated by the member companies as alternative raw materials in other companies.

With Melis, our corporate capacity in providing technical consultancy support to TMM member companies has increased. We would like to welcome Melis and remind you all that from now on any inquiries on TMM could be directed to