Second waste transaction: Esan to Exitcom!

The 2nd waste transaction through the TMM Platform is completed.

Esan’s toner waste were sent to a licensed - pioneer e-waste company, Exitcom Recycling in March 2018, via the TMM Platform.

Esan used to pay money licensed companies for the safe disposal of toner waste depending on local regulations.

Following the webinars and catch-up works , it was suggested by the BCSD Turkey team that instead of disposing, Esan could recycle their special waste. Already a member of TMM, Esan, uploaded the quantity and detailed specifications of the waste to the platform. Another member of TMM, Exitcom, contacted with Esan and made a proposal for the toner waste.

Benefits of the Transaction

As well as first transaction, the second transaction is also contributed to zero waste targets with a circular economy approach.

From Esan’s point of view, through this transaction via TMM, they not only reduced their costs by eliminating the disposal fees but they also contributed to recycling and efficient use of raw materials. By directing waste to the recycling facility, 30 kg waste toner were recovered by, 95% efficiency.

By this means, carbon emissions were prevented, raw material demand was decreased, energy savings and environmental benefits were achieved.

About: Esan

Esan was established in 1978 to produce high quality raw materials for the ceramics sector. Today, almost 40 years later, it is one of Turkey’s foremost industrial mineral and metallic mineral producers and the sole producer of primary magnesium in Turkey and Europe. In this role, Esan’s mission is to “Explore, process and add value to natural resources in a responsible manner towards people, the environment and the future of the world, and to offer these products globally”.

About: Exitcom

Established in Hannover, Germany in 1999, Exitcom is the first company providing services in the field of recovery of waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE). Exitcom enhanced its expertise and leading role as a result of projects and investments it has carried out since 2002 and it successfully participated in many large-scale projects in its operations in Turkey which were launched in 2003.

With a waste recovery rate ranging from 92% to 95%, well over the average, Exitcom continues to conduct its operations at an accelerating pace in order to create a cleaner environment and a better future based on its innovative and dynamic management policy and it experienced and specialized staff consisting of environmental volunteers.

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