Turkey Materials Marketplace (TMM) continues to lead successful and beneficial collaborations among companies. The 6th transaction was realized between Aromsa and PepsiCo via the TMM platform. Through the transaction, 20 tons of food waste generated by Aromsa were utilized by PepsiCo in energy production.

PepsiCo has installed a biogas plant in its manufacturing unit at Kocaeli. The company generates energy by processing organic waste from production process and also buying organic waste from outside with the licensed granted and directly uses this gas for their production.

The residues of the process after the waste is utilized in energy production are used to manufacture the organomineral fertilizer “Naturalis”, which is used in PepsiCo’s potato croplands. These efforts enabled PepsiCo to achieve its “zero waste” target in its Suadiye facility while also reducing its CO2 emissions.

As being the first and only local flavor producers in Turkey, Aromsa aims to utilize their waste generated from the flavors, extracts, syrups and fruit powders processes. Through a collaboration with PepsiCo, Aromsa discovered a value opportunity to convert their waste material into biogas.

Through the TMM platform, 20 tonnes of Aromsa’s food processing waste is transformed into biogas which is used as energy in PepsiCo facility at Kocaeli.

PepsiCo and Aromsa are working together under The Circular Voucher program. With the technical grant support of The Circular Vouchers, PepsiCo took a step further in generating energy by processing the food wastes. As one of the beneficiary companies of the programme, PepsiCo aims to maximize the efficiency of the process, control the quality of the study and extend the process to cover other wastes of Aromsa. The aim of the project is to convert all Aromsa organic waste into biogas.

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Using a fusion of cutting edge technology, and natural raw materials, Aromsa, the flagship flavor producer of the world, designs, produces, and delivers sauces, syrups, fruits preparations, extracts, caramelized sugar, caramel colorants, fruit powders, enzyme modified dairy ingredients, seasoning, spices mixes, as well as wide range of flavors, and value people.


PepsiCo is one of the world’s most-respected companies with their global brands global brands including Frito Lay, Quaker, Pepsi, Tropicana and Gatorade. The products are sold in more than 200 countries.

PepsiCo has commitment to do business in the right way to deliver “Performance with Purpose” while creating the great-tasting products consumers love.