The 9th Waste Transaction is Completed

Turkey Materials Marketplace continues to support and bring companies together around the circular economy. Recently, two of the Turkey’s leading companies have met and colloborated through strong networking opportunities and the assistance of TMM.

Organik Kimya, aiming to find a way for productive use for the sludge, considered location and economic opportunities and has successfully partnered with Akçansa via the TMM platform. With this colloboration, Organik Kimya’s treatment sludge will be used as alternative fuels in Akçansa’s cement manufacturing until the end of this year.

The use of Organik Kimya’s treatment sludge as alternative fuels in Akçansa’s cement production does not only reduce the energy cost, but also has significant ecological effect thanks to the reduction of waste disposal requirements and emissions.

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With over 90 years of experience in the chemicals industry, they have been providing solutions to a variety of markets and applications utilizing different technologies.

Today, Organik Kima serves its customers with a total capacity of 250.000 tons across 4 production platforms. Over 2.000 Euporean and international partners in 80 countries enjoy valuable solutions for a variety of applications at six different business units; coatings, constructions, textile, paper, chemical and industrial adhesive solutions.


Akçansa, a joint venture of Sabancı Holding and Heidelberg Cement, is the largest cement producer of Turkey, and is the leader company of its industry.

By the vision of to achieve a sustainable growth beyond all borders within the construction materials industry as a company trusted by all stakeholders and offering the most preferred business model, Akçansa, the leader of the Turkish cement industry, meets 10% of Turkey’s cement need as well as 12.5% of Turkey’s total cement and clinker export with its products complying to the global quality standards, its eco-friendly identity awarded by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, its outstanding service understanding, and its plants equipped with high technology.